Our company will hold series of public activities

Today the well-known PK competition opened formally in Excellence Company and the two groups in sales department will have a competitive race in the following 3 months. The race has been carried out for 3 years and acquired a remarkable outcome. Salesmen’s enthusiasm and passion have been ignited and burst out energetic sparks. Toil, tear, perspiration, belief, confidence and achievement fused into the youth. Yes, it is worth striving.Which group will prevail? Let’s wait and see! July 12th, 2016

In the following month, there will be series of public activities held in Shijiazhuang Excellence Trading Company to match the PK competition, including reading activity, healthy running and charity. Except for the intense atmosphere, people here also have the chance to participate various activities to relax body and mind. In the hot summer, the mood is as hot as the weather.

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